Monday, December 10, 2012

The Little Things in life..

When It comes to my kids I like to pretend like i'm supermom! Although I don't feel like the greatest mom in the world, They think i'm amazing for some reason. I guess it's all the little things that I do. Like different arts and crafts, making deserts, going for walks or to the park. Taking them to fun places that are usually free but they have no idea.. The point is you can make your child's life so much more enjoyable with the "little" things. Here are a few "little" ideas......

Kids always love to color, it just brings a smile to their face, Print out some cute and fun Christmas color pages. Get out the markers and glitter because they can have so much fun with these for free! 

There is a game I like to call "Vacuum monster" Your just vacuuming the house, but while you do it pretend like the vacuum is a monster and make growling noises and chase them with it. My son always screams and runs now every time I turn on the vacuum. My almost 9 year old plays along too! 

Play Hide and seek! Its so much fun when my husband and I play with the kids. My daughter can never find us lol and there has been times where it is hard to find her too. It's more fun to play in the dark with flashlights! 

In the winter go sledding! Its totally fun and you can do it just around the corner. No cash or car required! 
The other day for example we used my neighbors yard it wasn't a huge hill but it worked and my kids had a blast!

There are so many things that you can do with your kids. That are little to no cost!
If your in Utah One of my friends told me that the last Wednesday of the month is FREE admission to the Hogle Zoo. 12/26 Pretty awesome! The Zoo can be prety costly and they have a new Polar bear exhibit which is so cool!

Also Take advantage of all the Christmas lights around! Make some hot coco and go for a drive with your family. Tis the season!

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