Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas crafts! Super easy and inexpensive to do !

I love doing crafts with my kids but sometimes they are way to complicated and way to expensive!  Since i'm my daughters room mom for her 3rd grade class, i'm always trying to find  inexpensive crafts for 23 students. So I have searched for some super cute crafts that are really easy and cheap!  Well.. here they are.. Just click on the title bellow and it will link you to the blog I found them on for instructions! 

These are so super cute it just takes glue, toilet paper rolls and construction paper!

This footprint Christmas tree is super easy and cute.

All you need is Construction paper, paint , buttons , ribbon and glue! To make this adorable Santa ornament. 

Well there you go, hope you have fun with these I know your kids will love them! Till next time...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Can we say appetizers, YUM!

OK so I am always trying to find a new appetizer or food to bring to Holiday parties. I want to impress of course and pretend like I came up with this awesome appetizer myself ... of course I didn't LOL. Here are a few appetizers you can impress your friends and family with this Christmas..

Artichoke & Jalepeno dip
So My husband and I love this Artichoke dip it is freaking awesome and goes great with a baguette. It can be kind of pricey but its least expensive at Costco. Sometimes Smith's will have it on sale.. Sometimes..! You have to buy the Jalapeno one though, that's the best and it has a little kick to it!  If you poor some into a baking dish and warm it up in the oven, no one will never know its not homemade! Hehe just kidding..
 or am I   : D

I love these ideas they're so adorable and you can't go wrong with cheese... EVER! 

Piggies in a blanket
Piggies in a Blanket are such a cute fun idea especially for the kiddos! Just get some Crescent rolls (Pillsbury) and mini hot dogs. Than cut the crescent rolls in half and roll the hot dogs in them ,than bake them for the amount of time it says on the crescent rolls wrapping. You can also buy normal hot dogs and roll them into the crescents without cutting them in half, than cut a sliver in the hot dog to put cheese inside before you bake. Than when they are cooked, cut them in half to make them last longer.  

Bean Dip
So my step mom has this awesome Bean dip recipe which is to die for! She will give you a step by step process on Her blog on how to make it and it's super easy. You just warm it up in a crock pot and serve it up with some Tortilla chips. It actually makes a huge amount! Here's the link. Just scroll down a tiny bit until you find it!

Chicken Fingers
Chicken Fingers are another great appetizer. I found this recipe in Parenting Magazine. You take chicken tender loins or breasts and cut them into strips. Than you coat them with flour and dip them in a lightly beaten egg . You than roll them in bread crumbs, Chopped cooked bacon and cheddar cheese. Bake them for 20 minutes at 400 Degrees! So yummy! Get ranch or blue cheese as your dip. 

Santa crackers
Oh my goodness such a cute idea! I couldn't find the link for this picture on Pinterest so I have no idea where it came from. But It seems pretty self explanatory! 

Have fun with them, make them your own and enjoy, Til next time...


Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Advent calenders

I absolutely love this time of year! Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. I love getting together with family and the different smells in the air. I love that I can eat all sorts of treats and not feel guilty for it! I love buying gifts for everyone and sending Christmas cards. I mean what is there not to love!! I also love advent calendars. They are great way for your family to get ready for Christmas.  Although it is a little late into December, you can still start one. Here are a few cute advent ideas i found...
 Just click on the title below for a tutorial ..

I love this idea! I didn't find a tutorial on it but, it looks pretty self explanatory.

Well I hope that inspired you. If you have any other great advent Calendar ideas please share, I would love to hear from you! Until next time.

The Little Things in life..

When It comes to my kids I like to pretend like i'm supermom! Although I don't feel like the greatest mom in the world, They think i'm amazing for some reason. I guess it's all the little things that I do. Like different arts and crafts, making deserts, going for walks or to the park. Taking them to fun places that are usually free but they have no idea.. The point is you can make your child's life so much more enjoyable with the "little" things. Here are a few "little" ideas......

Kids always love to color, it just brings a smile to their face, Print out some cute and fun Christmas color pages. Get out the markers and glitter because they can have so much fun with these for free! 

There is a game I like to call "Vacuum monster" Your just vacuuming the house, but while you do it pretend like the vacuum is a monster and make growling noises and chase them with it. My son always screams and runs now every time I turn on the vacuum. My almost 9 year old plays along too! 

Play Hide and seek! Its so much fun when my husband and I play with the kids. My daughter can never find us lol and there has been times where it is hard to find her too. It's more fun to play in the dark with flashlights! 

In the winter go sledding! Its totally fun and you can do it just around the corner. No cash or car required! 
The other day for example we used my neighbors yard it wasn't a huge hill but it worked and my kids had a blast!

There are so many things that you can do with your kids. That are little to no cost!
If your in Utah One of my friends told me that the last Wednesday of the month is FREE admission to the Hogle Zoo. 12/26 Pretty awesome! The Zoo can be prety costly and they have a new Polar bear exhibit which is so cool!

Also Take advantage of all the Christmas lights around! Make some hot coco and go for a drive with your family. Tis the season!

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